Remotely Operate Islandable Hybrid Microgrids

New Sun Road’s Stellar platform remotely controls and monitors fleets of islandable power systems. Stellar’s robust architecture offers state-of-the-art cybersecurity and data integrity. Honed by mission critical power systems around the world, Stellar is now serving U.S. utilities.

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Reliably serve your customers with clean, cost effective, islandable, renewable energy microgrids enabled with Stellar remote monitoring and control.
  • Avoid the cost and maintenance of transmission lines

  • Provide resilience and reduced risk for communities in wildfire or high outage areas

  • View and manage remote power systems from anywhere with automated notifications

  • Minimize and manage service requirements with embedded ticketing

  • Collect and visualize all microgrid systems data in one platform for analysis and reporting

  • Track reductions in emission and carbon footprint

Stellar Edge integrates with all types of power sources and devices. Cloud-based Stellar Microgrid OS aggregates data for remote control of individual microgrids and monitors the full portfolio.

Learn more about Stellar Microgrid OS™ for stand alone power systems.