Energy Monitoring and Management

Reduce Costs and Improve Operational Efficiency in Real-time

Stellar Microgrid OS™ was designed by microgrid operators for power asset portfolio managers. Owners and operators can remotely monitor and optimize renewables-based distributed power systems in real-time.

The heart of the Stellar platform uses IoT technology and a cloud-based software architecture designed for power system monitoring and control. By collecting and normalizing data across multiple sites down to the component level, Stellar provides AI generated insights to optimize performance. Integrated modules such as incident ticketing and customer relationship management (CRM) streamline management and operations.

  • Monitor each power system’s status and performance or view them as a portfolio
  • Track and control customer power consumption, credit, and payment history
  • Save time with automated alerts and status notifications
  • Compare sites, trend performance, and identify areas for optimization
  • Minimize fuel cost and maximize renewable energy use
  • Improve load management with integrated weather forecasting

Key Features

  • Standardized dashboard view across all power systems regardless of component or systems manufacturer
  • Screens for microgrid customer care, site specific details, and data analytics 
  • Assign access levels by operator and for specific sites
  • Maximize and track usage of renewable energy down to a low as a 10 sec cadence
  • Optimize systems’ performance to minimize fuel consumption
  • Normalized, consolidated data download
  • View data by period or granularity, and group to see trends and comparisons
  • Launch preset commands manually to any power system component e.g. generators, meters, inverters, etc.
  • Configure automatic command launch on alert activation or specific conditions
  • Automated system control capabilities based on flexible logic
  • Automated incident notifications with associated descriptions for each power system component
  • Set up recurring tasks and automate O&M task creation
  • View incidents in a single tool, with powerful filtering options
  • Full alert and ticketing reporting
  • Fully compliant communication interfaces with proven security protocols
  • Local data logging and automatic server reconciliation, ensuring no data is lost during a network outage
  • Communications for remote off-grid and grid-tied systems

The Stellar Platform

Hybrid Stand Alone Power System for PG&E

Learn how New Sun Road partnered with BoxPower and provided the remote control and monitoring for PG&E’s stand alone power system in Briceburg, CA to bring safer, reliable electricity to this remote community.


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Optimize the Performance of Your Clean Energy System

Stellar helps reduce costs and improve operations efficiency through intuitive analytics, automated anomaly detection, and smart alerts.