Stellar IS™

Integrated Systems for Energy and Internet Access

Modular Power and Connectivity Solutions

Stellar IS™ is an easy-to-install complete product that can produce 2 to 7kW of of solar power with advanced battery storage and provide wireless connectivity.

Controlled by the comprehensive Stellar Microgrid OS,  operators can manage and run one or more systems remotely while optimizing performance and minimizing costs. Our power systems engineers have designed Stellar IS™ to cost effectively operate in the most remote locations and harshest environments

Productive Community Centers

Stellar IS™ is built to empower remote or off-grid communities with reliable renewable power and Wi-Fi connectivity. A Stellar IS™ can be used to power a variety of faculties.
Vendor Space
Cold Storage
Health Center
Training Center
Computer Lab

More than Power

Key Features

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Remote Power Systems Bridging the Energy Access Gap

Optimize power usage for a variety of productive needs of off-grid communities, while enabling Internet connectivity and economic development.