Energy Access Microgrids

Monitoring and Control for Your Microgrid Power Management Needs

Microgrid developers in remote locations are often faced with limited resources, harsh environments and few technology solutions designed for off-grid applications.

Challenges include fragmented and inefficient control systems, non-specialized technology solutions for developers, and high O&M costs due to remote locations. New Sun Road understands power systems and provides robust remote monitoring and control to ensure optimized operations and high reliability.

Reliable Technology for Microgrid Developers

New Sun Road’s Stellar MicroGrid OS is specifically designed for remote off-grid solar microgrids. By monitoring and controlling a wide range of devices, Stellar is technology agnostic, resilient in harsh conditions and cost-effective for rural off-grid application.

Our cloud based platform gives operators real time insights across their portfolio of microgrids. Integrated modules offer incident tracking and customer relationships management (CRM) allowing operators to manage their systems through Stellar.

Plug-and-play Renewable Energy and Connectivity

New Sun Road’s Stellar IS is a fully integrated system that installs in a day or less. Providing power and connectivity, Stellar IS is ideal for hard to reach remote communities serving, schools, social centers and residents. Equipped with remote control and monitoring Stellar IS can quickly and cost effectively help to bridge the digital gap.

Hybrid Stand Alone Power System for PG&E

Learn how New Sun Road partnered with BoxPower and provided the remote control and monitoring for PG&E’s stand alone power system in Briceburg, CA to bring safer, reliable electricity to this remote community.


Ready to Simplify Your Microgrid Operations?

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