New Sun Road is a California-based public benefit corporation developing data-driven IoT technology solutions for solar-based power systems that reduce operating costs and increase control and visibility.

We cover the entire value chain, from monitoring and managing fully renewable and hybrid power plants to providing solutions for frontier power business. Our solutions include automated control and management of remote power systems, customer relationships, and assets.


Our mission is to accelerate energy and internet access for under-served communities around the world, in collaboration with industry, government, nonprofit and academic partners.

This fuels our passion: developing affordable, resilient technologies that optimize the operation and management of off-grid solar microgrids. We believe this will drive down the costs of microgrids, increasing access to capital and enabling scale.

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Industry Leaders in Microgrid Management

Our depth of experience and expertise contributes to the successful management and optimization of your power assets.

Solar Microgrids


Metered Connections




Real-Time Operational Intelligence

  • 24/7 asset visibility on a single platform
  • Quickly adjust to changing conditions

Power System Performance Optimization

  • Optimize energy consumption
  • Improve asset utilization
  • Balance reliability, performance, and cost

OpeX Costs

  • Lower operations and maintenance costs
  • Minimize capital expenditures

Vendor Lock-in Elimination

  • Vendor agnostic technology
  • Easily integrates with a variety of power products and asset data stored in the cloud

Predictive Maintenance Analytics

  • Minimize downtime
  • Reduce truck rolls and repair costs
  • Improve remediation efficiency


Turnkey Solutions for Clean Energy Microgrids

New Sun Road’s solutions begin with two central technologies: Stellar Microgrid OSTM, a cloud-based SaaS offering, and Stellar EdgeTM IoT monitoring devices. We harness robust IoT technology, data acquisition, and AI-driven complex systems control to demolish barriers to scale.


Cloud-Based Energy
Management Platform


Rugged IoT Controllers for
Microgrid Management


Off-grid Portfolio Management

  • Unified view of power system portfolio status and performance detail
  • Manage your microgrid customer care, operations and analytics in one dashboard.
  • Monitor and control customer power consumption, credit and payment history
  • Geospatial map interface of power systems and distribution lines

Remote Monitoring

  • Compatible with an extensive list of best-of-breed power electronics and sensors
  • Customer energy reported down to as low 10-second cadence by default
  • Automated status monitoring and machine learning simplifies anomaly detection and opportunities for optimization.

Data-Driven Analytics

  • Integrate data from disparate smart components to uncover insights and simplify unified data download.
  • Uncover insights by integrating and normalizing all data streams and services to one platform
  • Explore the period, granularity or grouping method of any series in seconds.

Remote Control

  • Launch preset commands manually to any suitable power system components e.g. generators etc.
  • Configure an automatic command launch on alert activation or deactivation or specific conditions.
  • Automated system control capabilities based on flexible logic

Incident Management

  • Quickly access to all incidents with associated descriptions for each power system component
  • Set up recurrent tasks and automate O&M task creation
  • All the incidences of your facility in a single tool, with powerful filtering options
  • Full alert and ticketing reporting

Remote Connectivity

  • Restful HTTPS API for monitoring and control of each customer connection
  • Fully complaint communication interfaces with proven security protocols
  • Local data logging and automatic server reconciliation, ensuring no data loss during network outage


Hybrid Power

Optimize solar output, Reduce fuel and generator maintenance costs.

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Telecom Power

Real-time visibility into availability of critical tower power backup systems in remote environments.

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Energy Access Microgrids

Portfolio management and connectivity solutions for remote microgrids.

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New Sun Road Welcomes Jamie Yang as Their New Director of Business Development and Strategy!

The team at New Sun Road is thrilled to have Jamie on board. Along with a solid education, including a

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