Stellar Edge™

Proprietary IoT Controller

Rugged and Smart Power Systems

Stellar Edge™ is an innovative IoT (Internet of Things) controller for remote data acquisition and power systems operation. Stellar Edge™ executes commands for all power system components and streams data to the cloud visualized by New Sun Road’s Stellar Microgrid OS.

Hardware-agnostic, Stellar Edge™ is compatible across a wide range of protocols, devices and sensors. With local caching capabilities, the controller protects against data loss during network outages. Hybridized local and cloud-based architecture enables control optimization via machine learning and ensures availability of real-time insights anytime, anywhere.


  • Small form factor in IP 67 enclosure
  • Connect many devices with one unit
  • Single or 3-phase power


  • Integrates with wide range of Modbus and CAN bus devices
  • Additional device integrations in less than a day


  • Direct to cloud 
  • Local logging records metrics even when Internet is down

The Stellar Platform

Hybrid Stand Alone Power System for PG&E

Learn how New Sun Road partnered with BoxPower and provided the remote control and monitoring for PG&E’s stand alone power system in Briceburg, CA to bring safer, reliable electricity to this remote community.


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