Telecom Power

Keep Cell-Towers Functioning at Peak Levels

Remotely located systems present significant challenges to maintain critical operations including access for field personnel and complex logistics for fuel supply. To maintain Service Level Agreements (SLAs), equipment checks and maintenance must be combined with active monitoring to ensure reliability. Stellar Edge™ controllers and Stellar Microgrid OS™ enable robust monitoring for remote cell towers, track fuel consumption, display power availability and log site access history to reduce the frequency and expense of field visits.

End-to-End Tower Power Management

Stellar Microgrid OS™ monitoring and control technology delivers a complete end-to-end solution that seamlessly connects tower owners with their field assets offering immediate business value. Tower operators see real time data across all their sites to keep cell towers functioning at peak levels by managing temperature, door access, video monitoring, diesel generator access/usage, battery health, and other key power performance metrics. Automate notifications with clear descriptions, the ability to set recurring O&M tasks and full alert and ticketing allow operators to keep maintenance costs down.

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