Impact Projects

Digital Community Centers (DCCs) maximize the potential for people living in unelectrified and isolated communities

These centers implement a capacity-building methodology for women entering the workforce and provide educational opportunities for youth and girls. New Sun Road has trained women in digital, leadership, and financial skills, organization empowerment; positive masculinities; and gender-based violence awareness and support. The DCCs also serve as a first introduction to computer literacy for elementary school students
in target communities.

Community centered approach

We conduct group interviews and surveys on economic, gender, connectivity, electricity and educational needs with more than 300 women in target communities to provide tailor-made solutions.

We provide training on digital skills reaching more than 1,300 women. The digital literacy curriculum is based on the Guatemalan Ministry of Education Curriculo Nacional Base, Microsoft Digital Skills Course, and community feedback. We launched the “Entrepreneurship digital skills, finances and productivity” Course in partnership with #EnMarchaDigital from UNDP.

We created 20 Women’s Leadership Committees with more than 200 women organized and democratically voted by the community. The snowflake model from Dr. Marshall Ganz (Harvard) serves as the organizational methodology where a shared purpose is developed by the community, defining roles and identifying the power map.

We establish Women-led DCC in rural communities. Through the provision of internet service fees, printing, and other digital services, women have been able to grow on their income by more than 88% since the program was launched 12 months ago.

We conduct training on positive masculinities to reach more than 100 local authorities from the Community Council (Cocodes), and on gender-based violence awareness. We support, train and develop leadership and financial skills for 1400 women. We facilitate and improve the interactions between the Women’s Leadership Committee and the male- and long-established Cocodes.

New Sun Road partners with Mercy Corps, Plan International, UN Women, World Food Program, and the Municipalities of Cobán, Tucurú, San Pedro Carcha, San Mateo Ixtatán; an alliance with the Secretariat Against Violence and Human Trafficking (SVET) to promote online complaint mechanisms, online information access, psychological support and  awareness on Gender Based Violence. We collaborate with Indigenous Women Defender to support training; with the WLC. Collaboration; and with Britannica who provides access to their digital encyclopedias for teachers and students, structured for each school and their needs.

Innovative power and connectivity management

Stellar IS a fully integrated, pre-assembled system that is installable in one day.

Stellar IS considers the site solar profile, cell signal availability, and opportunities to work with TVWS (TV White Space), point to point, or satellite Internet.

Stellar Microgrid OS, a software platform that
monitors, controls and manages microgrids tracking real-time power performance and Internet access. PG&E, the biggest utility in California, selected Stellar to manage their stand alone power systems.

Through Stellar Microgrid OS™, all systems can be seen remotely on a single dashboard where the data is easy to read and interpret by a broad range
of users.

Co-creation of business models based on the communities needs

With the community-elected Women’s Leadership Committee.
With an incubator from the public University in Guatemala and the community.
  1. Empathizing through data collection,
  2. Defining the core needs alongside with the WLC
  3. Ideating solutions with the community and partners
  4. Prototyping business model canvas
  5. Evaluating the business model after six months

DCCs have generated more than $8,000 in 12 months of operation

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