What Is A Microgrid?

Adrienne when blackouts were fun.

When I was a girl, we just turned on the lights. Sometimes, when there was a thunderstorm, we had a thrill when the lights went out. I remember our drawer full of half functioning flashlights and even roasting hotdogs in the fireplace. Most of us don’t really think about electricity until we don’t have it.

There is lots of talk about the importance of renewable energy and the stability of our electrical grid. We know that there can be serious consequences when our grid doesn’t work – wildfires, frozen gas lines that cut off our heat, or no air conditioning during a heat wave. 

When I tell people that New Sun Road remotely monitors and controls microgrids, I often get asked ”What is a microgrid ?” I tell them that it is a power source, storage and electricity customers or loads. But at the next neighborhood BBQ, I am going to show this short video which does a much better job of explaining microgrids and why they are so important.