Maximizing Hybrid Microgrid Solar Power Usage and Reducing Fuel Costs

AI and IoT Make Microgrids Cleaner, Cheaper, and More Reliable


On February 16, 2022, during the Microgrid Technology Forum, Michael Goldbach, New Sun Road’s Chief Product Officer discussed how AI and IoT make microgrids more efficient. He presented “Maximizing Renewable Energy with IoT and AI.” The details of the study and results presented are from the white paper “Maximizing Hybrid Microgrid Solar Power Usage and Reducing Fuel Costs.”

stellar mos system diagram
Stellar Microgrid OS™ monitoring and control for hybrid microgrid power system.

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Optimizing Hybrid Microgrid Performance

New Sun Road’s Stellar Microgrid OS™ uses AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms incorporating data from on-site devices, solar forecasts and energy usage to optimize generator operations increasing solar power usage by 10-20% and diesel fuel savings up to 10% or more annually.