Mission Control
for Your Microgrids

Remote Power Fleet Management,
Control and Connectivity

Simplify Your Distributed Operations

Monitor and control your microgrids from anywhere with fleet-wide real-time status and data driven insights using the latest in AI and IoT technology.

Manage Hundreds of Power Systems

All systems are easy to track in real time and see issues

Detailed site view shows equipment layout, status, parameters and control settings

IoT connects to any device or sensor logging data, and issues specific commands across the fleet

Unified, credible, and comparable data for tracking and reporting

Reduce Operating Costs

Anomaly detection reduces investigative service calls and enables plan maintenance

Create schedules, allocate and track service tasks

AI and forecasting maximizes renewable energy usage while lower fuel consumption

Monitor fuel levels, access points and other sensors to detect theft or unauthorized access

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Resolve customer questions quickly with real time meter data

Set up specific page view permissions by individual or groups of sites

Reports on power generation, up-time, renewable energy usage and more

Load management for balanced operation and grid services options

Increase Power Production

With info prior to site visits, service teams bring proper tools and parts

Data logged for backfilling in locations where connectivity is unreliable

AI algorithms and predictive analytics automatically optimize performance

Automated control and balancing of production and loads

Our Success by the Numbers

New Sun Road’s Stellar platform is deployed worldwide. Stellar simplifies power system operations with IoT integration, reliable communication, and data-driven performance optimization.

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The Stellar Platform

New Sun Road begins with Stellar Microgrid OS™, a cloud-based SaaS offering, and Stellar Edge™ smart device controller. We harness robust IoT data acquisition, add reliable internet access and apply AI-driven insights to deliver remote control, notifications and optimization across a microgrid portfolio. Stellar IS integrates our core technology for impactful energy access and digital connectivity projects.

Energy Monitoring and Management 
IoT Monitoring and Control
Integrated Systems Development 

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