Power for the People

Music, Solar Power, and the Internet of Things

On a sunny day, in a neighborhood in Kentucky, electronics and wires are laid out on a backyard table. Nate has just come back from Home Depot with some tools and is talking with Jose on the phone. Today they will install Stellar Edge™ to collect data from a solar-powered, “mobile microgrid” trailer enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT).

Stellar Edge™ will send data to the cloud showing where the trailer is and how much renewable energy it has provided. This mobile trailer is owned by Footprint Project as part of a community build initiative in partnership with SimpliPhi Power and New Use Energy (NUE). The trailer will power AY Young’s concerts nationwide building awareness about renewable energy and sustainable development while bringing people together with music.

AY Young, UN Youth World Leader, is the founder of the Battery Tour. As an artist and visionary, he brings his music, and calls for climate action everywhere. And AY leads by example using portable renewable energy.

Nate Heegaard is a solar specialist at Footprint Project, a non-profit that provides cleaner energy for communities in crisis. Footprint is an expert at deploying solar-powered mobile microgrids.

Stellar Microgrid OSTM showing a trailer’s solar power generation.

Jose De Casas, an engineer at New Sun Road, is assisting virtually to connect all of the mobile units. Using IoT, Stellar will let Footprint track all of their trailers and solar suitcases at any time from a laptop computer. Fleet-wide data will show total energy generated and greenhouse gas emissions avoided as they deploy their systems for communities throughout the US.

Together, Nate Heegarrd, Jose De Casas and AY Young updated the mobile trailer built by Footprint Project. With renewable energy, AY’s music and message will reach all types of people creating awareness about climate change and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

I have this fundamental belief that everyone in the world, whether you’re a company, whether you’re an organization, whether you’re an individual, we’re all outlets for change. If everyone’s an outlet, I need to build something to get them plugged in.

—AY Young