EVs and Puppies at Distributech 2023

Renewable energy microgrids, fleet management, and digitalization!

Jose De Casas, Senior Application Engineer (left), Adrienne Pierce, CEO (middle), Robin Milshtein, Director of Business Development (right)
Stellar Edge™ RM with Winter, a puppy from the Distributech International Bark Park

Did you know that San Diego is one of the leading US cities for solar power production per capita with 10% of homes proudly sporting solar panels? So, it was fitting that this year’s Distributech International was held in “America’s finest city.” More than 16,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors from around the world gathered to showcase and discuss new technologies to move electricity from generation through transmission and distribution to the meter, and to deliver power to homes and businesses. The US Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed last year has been a reason for climate optimism, and Distributech attendees were energized (pun intended)!

New Sun Road officially launched our new IoT controller, the Stellar Edge™ RM. The new rack mount configuration includes a DC power supply, mini display and optional modem. And although puppies at the show Bark Park helped with the product debut, they are not included. Read more on the Stellar Edge™ RM product page.

As we met with customers, listened to thought leaders, and explored the exhibition hall, several themes emerged.

Grid resilience – the increasing frequency of extreme weather events and wildfires are forcing communities and utilities to prioritize resilience and reliability

Fleet management – as microgrids and DERs proliferate, utilities of all sizes are seeking elegant, flexible, integrated platforms for managing their distributed power systems

Leveraging electric vehicles for energy storage – the exhibit hall seemed dominated by EV charging and EVs on display to demonstrate using vehicle battery capacity for load management, and the benefits of bi-directional charging

Digitalization – collecting real-time data especially at the edge for better systems management and reliable operations

AI optimization – to reduce costs and to maximize the use of renewables and minimize the use of fossil fuels. O&M providers are turning to AI to optimize the efficiency of their assets

The New Sun Road booth hosted a cohort of graduate students from the University of San Francisco Master in Energy Systems Management program. With an interdisciplinary focus on technology, business, and policy, these diverse energy leaders are building the expertise and skills required to drive us toward a clean energy future!

Cohort of graduate students from the University of San Francisco hosted by New Sun Road